New habits

The reason why I chose to work with Keenan was because I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, snappy at home and I was unable to let things go.

Once I started the program I discovered things about myself that I had not known. As I developed new habits and became armed with new self-empowerment tools, I started feeling better about life in general, I’ve become more relaxed at home and at work. I don’t take things as personally as I used to. I take time to prepare for situations, hence I’m more intentional, less reactive, rather I’m more pro-active.

I’ve come a long way and am very grateful for Keenan and the process that he offers.

Giovanni Pilu

Changed my life

This CHPC program is Amazing. Keenan your coaching changed my life.

Before I wasn’t in a good place, I knew I had power in me but was not applying it to my life, and I was frustrated and depressed because that. You put all stars back aligned for me, now I feel more organised, more powerful and I feel people follow me as their true leader.

Most importantly I am A LOT more happy, not only at work, but at home with my family and my wife Anna. I am excited to spend quality time with family and friends, and my performance went 3 levels up. I am living with passion and confidence and I feel I inspire people.

Keenan thank you for changing my life I will always be grateful for this.

Alessandro Pavoni

KC is a modern day Sorcerer

KC is a modern day Sorcerer. He calmly and boldly pushes you into areas you need to go to have the life you want. His mix of alternative and modern high performance based practices saw huge changes unfold across the full spectrum of my life. I’m looking forward to many more years of coaching with KC

James Kerley

Profound impact on my life

Without a doubt, CHPC Training with Keenan changed my life. 6 months on, and I am implementing absolutely everything I learnt and it is still having a profound impact on my life. I feel that all resistance has left me and I am completely open to abundance, success, love and connection. I start each and every day with intention and choose how I am going to show up for myself and others. I am deeply rooted in service, contribution and making a difference and now have all the necessary skills to stay inspired and productive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Keenan, for your wisdom, love, accountability and professionalism.

Kristin Spence

The experience fed my curiosity and enthusiasm for life

Keenan is a rare master. Rare because of his altruism and generosity with success. He doesn’t hold himself out to be higher or mightier. He pitches his programs to the potential in all of us. We are all included in the potential for self-awareness. His teachings are underpinned by an acknowledgment of equality among our lives.

I feel as though his work is an offering to life itself.

On a practical level, Keenan’s success in managing his own mind is palpable and clearly demonstrated in the way he relates to his students. We can see the power of the Balancing Beliefs program demonstrated by his example. Keenan practices what he teaches and reveals what’s possible. Soon we learn to see the same potential in ourselves.

I learned to recognize, acknowledge and cast light on the unconscious habits of thinking which have been dictating my reactions and constraining my sense of who I am. I built awareness around the ‘triggers’ which hot-wire me to my limiting core beliefs. The program makes clever use of language that helped me to ‘balance’ and ’transform’ limiting core beliefs. I learned that “seeing is freeing”. 

Unlike many other modern self-help programs, we are not expected to throw out or smash the core beliefs which no longer serve us. We learn to honor ourselves in our entirety. I came to appreciate the power of self-awareness as a solution to my suffering. I revisited the question “Who am I?”. I learned to step into my power of choice. I became a conscious author of my identities and labels. 

Conveniently this method doesn’t require us to organize time out for practice. Life is the practice. 

Keenan is a compassionate and trustworthy guide who accompanies us to the darkest corners of our minds without judgment. This is brave work. Some habits are as familiar and comfortable as old friends. Keenan can be trusted to listen patiently as we give excuses for hanging onto the same old habits of thought. But his work does not stop there. All of us looking for a challenge can count on Keenan to push us past old excuses into new terrain. 

The Balancing Beliefs method has made a big difference in my life. Some of the method was familiar enough to serve as an affirmation. Other aspects of the method were surprising and new. The experience fed my curiosity and enthusiasm for life.

This program is a priceless treasure, as valuable as peace is. 

Sincere thanks and big love to you Keenan Crisp!

Sarah Gavaghan

I have faced my deepest fears

Before beginning the program I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed with my job, I felt inadequate in all aspects of my life and I was not achieving the most basic of tasks. I was not looking after my health and had no energy. I would go to bed late after wasting time watching TV and then would press snooze until the latest possible moment, before heading off to a job that was not satisfying me. I was frustrated and unhappy, I wanted to give it all up. Something had to change, but I did not know what or how. I was luckily introduced to Keenan from a very good friend.

Within only a few weeks working with Keenan, I had been given me some simple tools to switch my mindset, he also held me accountable to make the necessary changes to my habits that were holding me back. I now bounce out of bed, go read my purpose statement which gives me the motivation to attack the day. I meditate and stretch which gives my mind and body balance and then I eat a healthy breakfast. I now have so much clarity and purpose, and I have the energy and also the courage to take on anything I set my mind to. It wasn’t easy but I did the work!

In my time with Keenan, I have reunited with my brother and father after almost 8 years without talking, I have faced my deepest fears and offset many out of balanced beliefs that I was unconsciously carrying around with me. I have a deeper commitment to being present with my wife, family, friends, and colleagues. They are not only happy with my new outlook on life and energy, but they are all also inspired. I recently ran a marathon, never really being a runner, and I am soon to participate in an Ironman competition.

In addition, I am soon to complete my AFF Skydiving A license, being afraid of flying this has been a monumental challenge. I am achieving more at work although I am working less. All of this has been an incredible journey and I am thankful to Keenan for his guidance and many tools he has shared.

Ben Cummings

Foundations For Success coaching has changed my life

When I started coaching with Keenan, I was feeling useless, unhappy, lost, and sad. I was stuck in my thoughts that put me inside a rabbit hole I couldn’t get out of it. I was hard the first two sessions because I had to face my fears but Keenan encourage me since minute 1 to do it, and I cannot be more thankful.
Keenan has taught me a process where I can get to balance my beliefs to live life happy (for no reason) Now after 5 sessions with him and going through the process I am more confident on what I am doing or what I want to do, I feel good, I am happy. Understanding and going through the process has opened new ways to understand, know and accept myself better. Now I have the power to practice on my own. Still a long way to go but I am confident to face whatever life brings me or put me through.

Thanks Keenan for helping me to help myself.

Laura Ballester

Increase in clarity

With a very full plate and feeling extremely overwhelmed with life, all the “hats” I wear and responsibilities that come with them, I began the CHPC program with Keenan.

Over the next 12 weeks I truly can say that my life did change, for the better!

An increase in clarity, in productivity and overall self-love were the results that were delivered. I felt more positive. I changed my behaviour.

Keenan is wonderful to work with and I truly recommend him and the CHPC program.

Anna Pavoni

Inspiration to my journey

To anyone whom is considering doing the certified high performance coaching course.

I have always found Keenan to be an inspiration to my yoga journey.  His passion, caring and willingness to help me dive deep into personal development, has brought awareness to where I needed to do the work on myself to strive higher and set my goals on a business and a personal level.

I am so grateful to have Keenan as my mentor. His love, compassion and connection he has had with me has lifted me to a place I never thought possible.

I highly recommend Keenan and Better Life connection with his empowering coaching sessions and I’m sure anyone that is on the journey into oneself will also benefit as I have in every aspect of my life.

I cannot put a value on what I have gained out of this course.

The one on one sessions have truly helped me in heightening my levels of clarity, energy and productivity in all that I do and how I live my life.  With pursing my goals not only with my business but also on a personal level.  They have raised my awareness in every way,  helping me to strive higher with routine, setting goals with more dedication and raising the bar in my purpose in life.

Keenan, thank you for all your love understanding and support,  I am so blessed to have you and your ongoing support in my life.

Natalie Dyer

More aware and present

When I initially approached Keenan to begin High Performance Coaching, I was feeling run down, sleepless, perpetually busy, lost, stressed, directionless and uninspired. I was running a business that I didn’t want to run anymore, but I wasn’t sure even how to begin the process of selling, and my life didn’t feel like my own – I wasn’t truly living, it felt like I was running around with a bucket, trying to put out fires.

After my first 12 week course of CHPC with Better Life Connection, I’ve successfully sold my business, designed my dream schedule, changed my unhealthy living arrangements, developed a routine which allows for healthy sleep habits, have scheduled free time for relaxing, have broken time-wasting habits that were no longer serving me (eg. procrastinating my ‘life work’ by distracting myself with ‘busy’ work).

With the use of simple triggers, I’ve become more aware and present to my thoughts and behaviours and am able to make conscious decisions to change them to more positive and productive patterns. My life, including career, relationships and finances, seems to be moving forward and upward rather than stagnant and I’m beginning to experience the payoff for putting this new way of being into action.

When I feel myself slipping out of High Performance Habits, I am hyper aware and know what to do to keep moving forward. Keenan’s approach is really helpful, he’s patient, understanding and kind but also very honest. A special quality that he has is an incredible amount of knowledge that he can easily translate through story, analogy and metaphor – making it really accessible. He’s been so supportive throughout the process, and generously beyond the 12 weeks. I can’t recommend Keenan enough, he’s made such a positive impact on my life and I’m looking forward to my next round of coaching.

Eve-Lauren Gindein

Worldly guidance

I got to know Keenan about 4 years ago as a student at Power Living in Manly. Keenan’s style of teaching and his insight and view on life was both intriguing and challenging. On the one hand I reacted to the challenging way of seeing life and on the other there was a little voice in my head saying there is truth in this! I just didn’t understand that truth.

As I kept on attending Keenan’s classes It made me question my thoughts, beliefs and view on life. In fact, to such an extent that I went on to do the yoga teacher training and philosophy retreats with Keenan, as he has challenged me to get deeper into my own practice. Needless to say all this experience has shaped my view on life where I have learned to better deal with the ups and downs, be more compassionate with myself and others and much, much more.

More recently as my life shifted and changed I got to a place where I was looking for what I would call “worldly guidance” and as it happens it coincided with Keenan completing the Certified High Performance Coaching program. When he asked if was interested in being coached I wholeheartedly agreed and from there I participated 6 months of intense 1:1 coaching. Keenan’s style is dynamic, caring and as always challenging.

He really wants to see success for those he coaches and he relentlessly pushed me past excuses and limitations that I put on my ability to find and live more intentionally and in alignment with my purpose. Most importantly Keenan has connected me with my courage and I am learning to live life more fully with compassionate awareness,  whilst standing on the foundation of my ongoing spiritual practice.

I am truly grateful for what Keenan’s teaching and coaching has revealed about myself. So if you are looking for an insightful, empathetic coach who knows how to challenge then definitely contact Keenan. You will learn a lot about yourself!

Jessica Browne