Resilient Mind, Open Heart Leadership Training is a course born from the experiences that I have had as an army officer, leading troops in East Timor within Australia’s Elite Paratrooper Battalion (3 RAR) and after co-founding one of Australia’s largest yoga schools, Power Living Australia, having now led many national and international yoga retreats and teacher trainings, diving deep into belief system work with thousands of students and having taught over 10k hours of yoga. Yoga is not just about stretching. In fact, the stretch is a very small part of yoga. Rather it’s about revealing the cause of our character, developing a resilient mind and an open heart.

This program will teach people a proven five-step process that will enable them to better understand themselves, why they react in the ways they do, why they have certain gifts, and why they potentially ride the rollercoaster of life never finding the happiness that they seek.

This process will teach employees how to recognize triggers and out of balanced beliefs, how to neutralize those beliefs, and how to find greater emotional balance.

With this common-sense proven process will create conscious, self-aware leaders by arming them with self-empowerment tools. It will allow them to reclaim their natural joy, self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. They will experience more presence in their lives and have more resilience to deal with life’s challenges in a composed and compassionate way.