Six Secrets of the Worlds Most Successful People is based on extensive research carried out by Brendon Burchard within the High Performance Institute. High Performers are not born that way but rather are made through conditioned habit. This half-day program will allow participants to master the 6 p’s. Not the usual “prior preparation prevents piss poor performance”, though that will be recommended too. Rather it will have participants understand the benefits of gaining self-mastery in the areas of productivity, persuasion, presence, purpose, psychology, and physiology.

It’s now proven that if you develop mastery in these six key areas, you’ll feel more purposeful and fulfilled. I typically explore how clear participants feel about their overall life and goals; whether or not they have the physical energy and mental stamina to perform at their best; how confident and bold they are showing up in the world; what distractions or poor habits cause them to fall off course and what routines can keep them on track; and,finally what they can do to better influence, lead and inspire their family and all those that they serve. As you develop self-mastery and discover new beliefs, habits, and tools you will be joining the ranks of the world’s most successful people.