Keenan Crisp is the founder of “Better Life Connection”, a Husband, Father, Certified High-Performance Coach, Master Facilitator and Co-Owner of one of Australia’s largest Yoga Schools, Power Living Australia.

A Graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon, Keenan served for seven years within the Australian Defense Force doing several overseas deployments including active service in East Timor, as a Captain and Company 2IC, within at that time, Australia’s Elite Parachute Infantry Battalion, 3RAR.

After completing his service Keenan traveled the world extensively spending five consecutive years visiting over 40 countries, studying Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, World Religion, Human Nature and Spirituality.

Keenan also worked for Doctors Without Borders (Medicine Sans Frontier – MSF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, logistically running a hospital close to the front line of a war zone. It was in Congo, after witnessing first-hand crimes against humanity, that Keenan decided that the best way he could help others was to help change the way they think, so he returned to India for near on three years to study at various Schools, Universities and Ashrams.

For over 17 years Keenan has worked tirelessly to expound the teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible way. He has run many workshops teaching philosophy, physiology and yoga psychology. He has facilitated world class yoga retreats and teacher trainings and has instructed thousands of yoga asana (posture) classes as a master facilitator within Power Living Australia. (please read testimonies to reflect upon his students experiences).

Keenan has coached hundreds of students in a process he calls “Seven Steps to Lasting Freedom” which affectively helps people to neutralise/transform any out of balance limiting beliefs that they have.

Keenan encourages everyone to inquire into their true nature, to serve selflessly, to live consciously, love intentionally and to perform positive daily rituals to improve all of the arenas of their life, so as to experience a better life connection.