How does a fun, loving, caring, supportive, courageous relationship sound?

You need not be in a loving relationship with another to have relationship coaching. Life is full of relationships. Relationships can be challenging particularly the one that we have with ourselves.

Complaining, fault finding, dramatising, fearing, judging, criticising, blaming etc are all acts of a person who is living at the expense of an out of balanced limiting core belief (LCB).

What drives us all to be the unique individuals that we are is a set of beliefs that we formed most often between the ages of 2-7. Beliefs themselves, obstruct the Realisation of a Collective Consciousness, but whilst in human form offer us gifts and qualities that can be used in our favour or to our detriment. ie if our gifts come from a place of lack then they will ultimately exhaust us.

The most important relationship is the relationship that we have with ourselves. How we feel within ourselves will be directly responsible for the caliber of relationships that we have with others. Hence Keenan works primarily on assisting his clients to become aware of any out of balanced LCB’s and then teaches them how to use a five-step process to neutralise them. Balancing your core beliefs is essential to relationship work.

Keenan will help you to understand yourself and your partner better and combined with some easily achievable positive rituals that you will learn, you will find access to what he calls an “enlightened relationship”.

Be the cause of your relationships not the victim, let Keenan show you how. We all deserve a relationship of mutual respect, love, forgiveness, empathy, support, courage, and compassion.