Before beginning the program I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed with my job, I felt inadequate in all aspects of my life and I was not achieving the most basic of tasks. I was not looking after my health and had no energy. I would go to bed late after wasting time watching TV and then would press snooze until the latest possible moment, before heading off to a job that was not satisfying me. I was frustrated and unhappy, I wanted to give it all up. Something had to change, but I did not know what or how. I was luckily introduced to Keenan from a very good friend.

Within only a few weeks working with Keenan, I had been given me some simple tools to switch my mindset, he also held me accountable to make the necessary changes to my habits that were holding me back. I now bounce out of bed, go read my purpose statement which gives me the motivation to attack the day. I meditate and stretch which gives my mind and body balance and then I eat a healthy breakfast. I now have so much clarity and purpose, and I have the energy and also the courage to take on anything I set my mind to. It wasn’t easy but I did the work!

In my time with Keenan, I have reunited with my brother and father after almost 8 years without talking, I have faced my deepest fears and offset many out of balanced beliefs that I was unconsciously carrying around with me. I have a deeper commitment to being present with my wife, family, friends, and colleagues. They are not only happy with my new outlook on life and energy, but they are all also inspired. I recently ran a marathon, never really being a runner, and I am soon to participate in an Ironman competition.

In addition, I am soon to complete my AFF Skydiving A license, being afraid of flying this has been a monumental challenge. I am achieving more at work although I am working less. All of this has been an incredible journey and I am thankful to Keenan for his guidance and many tools he has shared.