To anyone whom is considering doing the certified high performance coaching course.

I have always found Keenan to be an inspiration to my yoga journey.  His passion, caring and willingness to help me dive deep into personal development, has brought awareness to where I needed to do the work on myself to strive higher and set my goals on a business and a personal level.

I am so grateful to have Keenan as my mentor. His love, compassion and connection he has had with me has lifted me to a place I never thought possible.

I highly recommend Keenan and Better Life connection with his empowering coaching sessions and I’m sure anyone that is on the journey into oneself will also benefit as I have in every aspect of my life.

I cannot put a value on what I have gained out of this course.

The one on one sessions have truly helped me in heightening my levels of clarity, energy and productivity in all that I do and how I live my life.  With pursing my goals not only with my business but also on a personal level.  They have raised my awareness in every way,  helping me to strive higher with routine, setting goals with more dedication and raising the bar in my purpose in life.

Keenan, thank you for all your love understanding and support,  I am so blessed to have you and your ongoing support in my life.