Keenan is exceptional. With some yoga teachers, one forgets their lessons as soon as class is over. Yet with Keenan, I can honestly say that every lesson over my six years as one his students has carried value. It may vary in significance, big or small, but it is always there.

Whether he is imparting a glittering shard of ancient yoga philosophy, an explanation of the anatomy of an asana, a succinct quotation that can energise one’s day,  or a light-hearted comment that can brighten it, something of consequence is always communicated.  Every time. That’s an admirable achievement.

To successfully teach yoga, the transfer of knowledge is not enough. Crucially, teachers need to inspire their students, as yoga needs to go beyond the studio, it needs to be lived. Keenan’s approach to yoga is underpinned by his many years of study under yoga masters in India, so his teachings possess substance.  Add to this his palpable commitment and enthusiasm for yoga, his generosity in sharing his knowledge, and his energetic communication style, and one has a outstanding yoga teacher who makes it easy to build one’s own knowledge, confidence and self-discipline.

Yoga is a complex pursuit, and raises many questions. Over the years, Keenan has proven only to willing to happily listen and discuss my sceptical views. He is a yogi who lives his beliefs with integrity, and clearly wishes to use his compassion to make a better world.