When I initially approached Keenan to begin High Performance Coaching, I was feeling run down, sleepless, perpetually busy, lost, stressed, directionless and uninspired. I was running a business that I didn’t want to run anymore, but I wasn’t sure even how to begin the process of selling, and my life didn’t feel like my own – I wasn’t truly living, it felt like I was running around with a bucket, trying to put out fires.

After my first 12 week course of CHPC with Better Life Connection, I’ve successfully sold my business, designed my dream schedule, changed my unhealthy living arrangements, developed a routine which allows for healthy sleep habits, have scheduled free time for relaxing, have broken time-wasting habits that were no longer serving me (eg. procrastinating my ‘life work’ by distracting myself with ‘busy’ work).

With the use of simple triggers, I’ve become more aware and present to my thoughts and behaviours and am able to make conscious decisions to change them to more positive and productive patterns. My life, including career, relationships and finances, seems to be moving forward and upward rather than stagnant and I’m beginning to experience the payoff for putting this new way of being into action.

When I feel myself slipping out of High Performance Habits, I am hyper aware and know what to do to keep moving forward. Keenan’s approach is really helpful, he’s patient, understanding and kind but also very honest. A special quality that he has is an incredible amount of knowledge that he can easily translate through story, analogy and metaphor – making it really accessible. He’s been so supportive throughout the process, and generously beyond the 12 weeks. I can’t recommend Keenan enough, he’s made such a positive impact on my life and I’m looking forward to my next round of coaching.