Keenan is a rare master. Rare because of his altruism and generosity with success. He doesn’t hold himself out to be higher or mightier. He pitches his programs to the potential in all of us. We are all included in the potential for self-awareness. His teachings are underpinned by an acknowledgment of equality among our lives.

I feel as though his work is an offering to life itself.

On a practical level, Keenan’s success in managing his own mind is palpable and clearly demonstrated in the way he relates to his students. We can see the power of the Balancing Beliefs program demonstrated by his example. Keenan practices what he teaches and reveals what’s possible. Soon we learn to see the same potential in ourselves.

I learned to recognize, acknowledge and cast light on the unconscious habits of thinking which have been dictating my reactions and constraining my sense of who I am. I built awareness around the ‘triggers’ which hot-wire me to my limiting core beliefs. The program makes clever use of language that helped me to ‘balance’ and ’transform’ limiting core beliefs. I learned that “seeing is freeing”. 

Unlike many other modern self-help programs, we are not expected to throw out or smash the core beliefs which no longer serve us. We learn to honor ourselves in our entirety. I came to appreciate the power of self-awareness as a solution to my suffering. I revisited the question “Who am I?”. I learned to step into my power of choice. I became a conscious author of my identities and labels. 

Conveniently this method doesn’t require us to organize time out for practice. Life is the practice. 

Keenan is a compassionate and trustworthy guide who accompanies us to the darkest corners of our minds without judgment. This is brave work. Some habits are as familiar and comfortable as old friends. Keenan can be trusted to listen patiently as we give excuses for hanging onto the same old habits of thought. But his work does not stop there. All of us looking for a challenge can count on Keenan to push us past old excuses into new terrain. 

The Balancing Beliefs method has made a big difference in my life. Some of the method was familiar enough to serve as an affirmation. Other aspects of the method were surprising and new. The experience fed my curiosity and enthusiasm for life.

This program is a priceless treasure, as valuable as peace is. 

Sincere thanks and big love to you Keenan Crisp!