What a wonderful experience of Expansion, truly! I arrived tired and ready to restore. Over the days of guided meditation followed by invigorating vinyasa flows in true Keenan style or yin practice with the masterful weaving in of yoga philosophy, that I had been eagerly awaiting to absorb, created the perfect mix to help me consciously slow down.

Adding to that, discussions and practical tips and tricks on how to live daily life in a more high performing way gave the days focus and added value. Keenan’s depth of knowledge and experience as a Master facilitator of yoga and retreats combined with his power as a Certified High Performance Coach made the experience truly unique. All that topped off with Veet’s Vegan cooking of organic produce and walks on the beach with a group of likeminded people from all over Australia just made the 5 days amazing. Even managed to squeeze in some surfing!

From my heart thank you! May there be many more.