I got to know Keenan about 4 years ago as a student at Power Living in Manly. Keenan’s style of teaching and his insight and view on life was both intriguing and challenging. On the one hand I reacted to the challenging way of seeing life and on the other there was a little voice in my head saying there is truth in this! I just didn’t understand that truth.

As I kept on attending Keenan’s classes It made me question my thoughts, beliefs and view on life. In fact, to such an extent that I went on to do the yoga teacher training and philosophy retreats with Keenan, as he has challenged me to get deeper into my own practice. Needless to say all this experience has shaped my view on life where I have learned to better deal with the ups and downs, be more compassionate with myself and others and much, much more.

More recently as my life shifted and changed I got to a place where I was looking for what I would call “worldly guidance” and as it happens it coincided with Keenan completing the Certified High Performance Coaching program. When he asked if was interested in being coached I wholeheartedly agreed and from there I participated 6 months of intense 1:1 coaching. Keenan’s style is dynamic, caring and as always challenging.

He really wants to see success for those he coaches and he relentlessly pushed me past excuses and limitations that I put on my ability to find and live more intentionally and in alignment with my purpose. Most importantly Keenan has connected me with my courage and I am learning to live life more fully with compassionate awareness,  whilst standing on the foundation of my ongoing spiritual practice.

I am truly grateful for what Keenan’s teaching and coaching has revealed about myself. So if you are looking for an insightful, empathetic coach who knows how to challenge then definitely contact Keenan. You will learn a lot about yourself!