Keenan works with yoga teachers to discuss ways to enhance their teaching, to help them find more self-expression, confidence, courage, clarity, energy, and influence so as to bring their classes alive with enthusiasm, connection, stillness, and love.

From quick and easy class prep templates to the secret of building big classes with great followings. You will be offered many tips and tricks that have Keenan learned from many of the worlds best teachers and whilst living in the immediate presence of several saints/masters. You will keep your students coming back for more. Keenan will assist you with sequencing, theming, and in delivering transformational classes.

As yoga teachers, we put ourselves in very vulnerable positions, physically and emotionally each time we stand in front of one or more students.  Delivering an anatomically intelligent sequence whilst offering a philosophical poetic rhetoric, to help improve the quality of our student’s lives, can all be quite a challenge. If we ourselves are not deep in the process of yoga it’s difficult to facilitate authentically. Sure you may only wish to teach a stretch class but are you truly balancing the body or are you just slapping any old sequence together.

At times you may feel like you have nothing to offer philosophically, or you may feel that your students are not fully engaged, checked out and potentially uninspired?

Keenan will give you the tools to command a class and to read the energy of the room, to successfully hold space for transformation to occur.

Our Mentoring program is designed to help raise your teaching bar to a whole new level which will thereby serve your students in a most positive and powerful way. You want your students to leave each class feeling emotionally and physically balanced and empowered.

Keenan will share everything he knows after 18 years of teaching, including how he became one of the highest paid yoga teachers in Australia whilst teaching on average 400-500 students a week.

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