Life Changing

To be in Keenan Crisp’s Yoga class is life changing.

His wisdom, warmth, inspiration, motivation and sense of humour will stay with you long after leaving the Yoga Studio. Besides knowing every Yoga pose known to woman and man and their description in Sanskrit, Keenan clearly has been on a long and thorough journey of self-discovery himself. He is deeply knowledgeable about what really matters in life and practices daily what he teaches in class. His humanity, kindness as well as his humility are most inspiring.

After suffering a big personal loss, my teenage kids and myself had the privilege and great pleasure of attending and absorbing Keenan’s Yoga classes and teachings for over 9 months. He managed to turn the three of us into more joyful, conscious and better functioning Human Beings. The greatest gift and tool he offered us was to connect with the notion, that we are actually able to control our thoughts.

Erika Krebs-Woodward

Keenan is exceptional

Keenan is exceptional. With some yoga teachers, one forgets their lessons as soon as class is over. Yet with Keenan, I can honestly say that every lesson over my six years as one his students has carried value. It may vary in significance, big or small, but it is always there.

Whether he is imparting a glittering shard of ancient yoga philosophy, an explanation of the anatomy of an asana, a succinct quotation that can energise one’s day,  or a light-hearted comment that can brighten it, something of consequence is always communicated.  Every time. That’s an admirable achievement.

To successfully teach yoga, the transfer of knowledge is not enough. Crucially, teachers need to inspire their students, as yoga needs to go beyond the studio, it needs to be lived. Keenan’s approach to yoga is underpinned by his many years of study under yoga masters in India, so his teachings possess substance.  Add to this his palpable commitment and enthusiasm for yoga, his generosity in sharing his knowledge, and his energetic communication style, and one has a outstanding yoga teacher who makes it easy to build one’s own knowledge, confidence and self-discipline.

Yoga is a complex pursuit, and raises many questions. Over the years, Keenan has proven only to willing to happily listen and discuss my sceptical views. He is a yogi who lives his beliefs with integrity, and clearly wishes to use his compassion to make a better world.

Bruce Minter

Always encouraging

I have been doing yoga with Keenan since 2008 and I am delighted to take this opportunity to acknowledge what a huge impact Keenan has had in my life, the
joy he imparts in his practice and the learning that he encourages in myself and many others.

His classes are unique and are infused with his quirky sense of humour alongside his deeply held spiritual beliefs. He has always been encouraging, supportive, non-judgemental and honest about himself. He encourages students to challenge themselves both physically and mentally and to step out of their comfort zone, something I have really valued in his classes. And his warmth and compassion for his students, colleagues and family is abundant.

We will miss him greatly, for the loving, warm person he is and all he has brought to our yoga community.

Lily Surgeon

Providing relevant teaching

I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and Keenan has been a consistent presence in my practice at Powerliving.

Keenan manages to seamlessly integrate the spiritual, thought process, physical alignment and a teaching into his class. What I love about Keenans vinyasa classes is that he does not over-complicate the sequence and the flow is natural (Keenan, we’ll leave my attempts at triple bowling ball between us).  Keenan applies his deep knowledge of ancient / yogic teachings to modern day situations, always providing a relevant teaching.

Over the years it seems to me that every class Keenan has given has a different and new teaching – his knowledge is endless.  There have been many times where I’ve gone home and put the teaching into my diary as a daily reminder.

Ryan Waage


Yoga has helped me during challenging times personally and professionally. I am grateful for teachers like Keenan who is so generous at sharing his deep insights on yoga philosophy. He is constantly challenging his students both mentally and physically.  You will always learn something new each time you take his classes or retreats.

Sue Ann Khoo

Western Yogi

I’ve attended classes with Keenan for many years, and have found him to be a true western yogi. Keenan is a walking example of his message; one of peace, acceptance of self and others, and the power of all the limbs of yoga to create a meaningful life.

A class with Keenan is more than the physical; he integrates philosophy and teachings into the asana practice in an authentic way that’s accessible to even a new student. Keenan’s presence is calming and caring. He is a master at sharing his experience to help others learn and grow – on and off the mat – and does so with humility and humour.

Angela Virtue

A note of respect

How do you write words about a man as humble yet as powerful as Keenan Crisp?

His lessons emanate from his own experiences, that of being; they resonate with your path and guide you through your own tough times and suffering; selflessly with the same aim and wish for everyone – that of peace.

Only when we exist within ourselves can we practice our real truth. There is no better example or teacher of this truth that I have found in my 25+years of study. Keenan’s simplification and clarity of explanations of the sutras, the limbs of yoga and asanas, their relevance to a modern yogi, the precise descriptive language used to suit a class with a myriad learning styles and understanding, the abundant class structures, his dedication to knowledge and the ability to share it to his countless students, his selfless and unrelenting personal search for truth and integrity, the equanimity he shows, his ability to mentor and guide so many as they navigate through life, the suffering, the beauty, the relativity – have inspired my journey beyond words.

As we all walk this path before us, I wish you all to experience a yoga practice with Keenan.

  • Look into his eyes and see the light, pure health and honesty,
  • Listen to his words and hear only truth,
  • Practise with, breath and find peace.

May our paths cross on this adventure called life, may I be blessed by your teachings once again somewhere in this creation, and until then all that I have learnt from you is treasured.


Emma Martin

Always worthwhile

I have been a client of Keenan’s for over 11 years, having first met him at a yoga retreat in southern NSW. I was so taken by Keenan’s presence and persona that I have traveled for forty minutes every Tuesday from Randwick to Neutral Bay to attend his class. Racing against traffic and time to get there but it was ALWAYS worthwhile. There are several things I admire about him:

  1. He is very inclusive in his approach to people allowing everyone to feel important and that they matter when he gives them his undivided attention.
  2. Humour is something that often lacks in the yoga world, a lot of people take themselves too seriously, however Keenan always introduces an aspect of it to his class which allows you to laugh or at least he brings a smile to your face.
  3. Spirituality – this is his forte, where he achieves far beyond other teachers, I always learn something new or he reinforces an area that is just what I need to be reminded about.

I am more than willing to answer any further questions regarding any issue about the future employment of this remarkable man

Yours sincerely

Leisa Johnston


Keenan at Power Living Neutral Bay in 2013. He approached me after class one day, and we had a conversation in which he pointed out that I could benefit from “dropping my ego”. Our conversation that day sent me on a course of self-enquiry. I began attending Keenan’s yoga classes on a regular basis. His teaching inspired me to then complete a 200 hrs Teacher Training program in 2016 and attend a Victorious Heart retreat in 2017 through Power Living – all of which Keenan facilitated.

Keenan’s knowledge of anatomy and sequencing is always on point throughout his classes. Above all, I believe it is the philosophy which Keenan delivers that really impacts his classes – you leave the studio with a lingering appreciation for life. Keenan’s knowledge of asanas, meditation, pranayama and kirtan makes him stand out from the pack of Yoga teachers.

At all times, I have found Keenan to be a man of integrity. He has a strong sense of spirituality. Keenan values love, peace and truth. He has an awareness of the local community, advises on healthy eating and honours his family.

Keenan has been a major role model, he has provided me the motivating tools of yoga that will lead me to a satisfying happy future. I aspire to be like Keenan. He has a sense of purpose which resonates on and off the mat. He has inspired me to be a better human being, to have an awareness of my own spirituality, to question my behaviours and to trust in the flowing nature of the universe.

Nathan Yazbek

My therapy at times

I have been a student of Keenan for the last 10 years. I moved from London and his teaching has been my anchor in Sydney. I cannot overstate the influence his teaching has had on my life and my own teaching. I always walk away feeling changed, challenged and inspired physically, mentally and spiritually and with the desire to be a better person. It is so much more than just a yoga class, and has been my therapy at times! As you move through the class he somehow, through intuition, gives you the life tools you need at the time.

I am inspired by his humility, integrity, love of life and family, his desire to give of himself, to share philosophy and desire to continue to grow and learn.

Lee-Anne O’Brien

He’s the real deal!

I’ve enjoyed attending Keenan’s classes for the past 3 years. He combines a dynamic, strong sequence with the philosophical aspects of the practice, and his classes quickly became a staple in my practice. I would always look forward to the classes, knowing that I would leave the class feeling both comfortable in myself and questioning everything about myself! When I first started attending the studio, it was his classes that helped me reconnect with yoga and to cultivate a consistent approach, with compassion, curiosity and joy.

He’s the real deal!

Roncey Horton

Always inspiring and challenging

I started taking yoga classes with Keenan through Power Living nearly 10 years ago. I was a reluctant starter as I didn’t see myself as a typical yoga person. However, I thought I needed something new as I was going through a really stressful time in life. A period where I was going through the transition from ending a high powered corporate job and starting up my new company. During this period, I was also getting severe lower back pain, resulting from a bulged disc and most probably related to the stress I was going through. Keenan’s classes gave me both the physical work out I needed and the mental release which really helped me through this transition. Keenan’s classes are always inspiring and challenging and I would highly recommend Kennan’s classes. I am now pain free and have a successful business and I believe yoga and Kennan’s classes was one of the key contributors.


The proof is in the stillness

Keenan has been an enduring influence on my yoga practice since I started practising with him around 7 years ago. I’ve infinitely enhanced my skills and knowledge of yoga – and grown personally – as a result of his committed, grounded teaching. Keenan has a deep knowledge of anatomy and the physical practice, and equally, the science and spirituality of yoga and meditation. He intuitively reads the room, providing broad enough cues to apply to everyone but also offering specialised tweaks to accommodate all levels, moods, and attitudes. The proof is in the stillness; Keenan can quiet even the most crowded, angsty class like no one else!

Maura Pigeon

Love is the ultimate goal

I have practiced with Keenan for 3 years and through each and every one of those experiences, I have gained so much knowledge and awareness into the practice of Yoga. I always felt my most ‘present’ in his classes and felt a deep connection to him as a teacher and a deep trust in the universe.
Keenan’s ability to be so honest in his teachings has given me much insight into what I believe and how I want to be as a human. The way he talks about love and compassion has lead me to believe that really love is the ultimate ‘goal’. If we all come from a place a love, how different this world might be.
One idea that has stuck with me from Keenan is that there is no ‘there’, only ‘here’, once you get ‘there’, you are ‘here’, so this moment is really all we have. Dropping everything that isn’t in the ‘now’ is how we find that true connection to the universe and step a tiny bit closer to being a ‘yogi’. Keenan really guided me towards this understanding.
Keenan is undoubtedly the closest thing to an actual ‘yogi’ I know, and I feel deeply honoured and blessed to have been in his presence and learnt from him.
I look forward to when the universe crosses our paths again.
With deep love,
Annie Aitken

Best yoga teacher

I feel sad yet honoured to have the opportunity to be writing a goodbye and thank you note to arguably the best yoga teacher that I have had the pleasure of practising under since I started on this yogic journey approximately a decade ago.

Since practising at Power Living, Neutral Bay for the past 6 years, I have hardly missed my weekly classes with Keenan. It would be an understatement to say that Keenan is a truly authentic and profound being, an earnest toiler of his trade, he lives and breathes what he teaches and delivers in each and every class, imparting us with not only the physical benefits of yoga but his pearls of wisdom which will be sorely missed!

I would even hazard a guess that as Keenan’s classes at Neutral Bay studio is the most subscribed, week in/week out, I would not be the only practitioner to think that he is a truly unique and special yoga teacher, inside and out, in fact, I know that at present, most of us are feeling rather sad that he will be leaving us shortly. It is not often that one comes across such a beautiful and authentic human being, who is also an amazing yoga teacher. Keenan is very dedicated to his trade and takes his vocation rather seriously, not too many of us escapes his keen eye in class who aren’t too focussed and he will always take the time after class to engage with us on further improvements which is always encouraging.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Keenan for gracing us with his incredible knowledge of yoga and his authentic pearls of wisdom imparted upon us and for being such a dedicated professional. Keenan will be a hard act to follow (even though he has often talked during classes about the importance of non-attachment) but yes, he will leave us with a big hole in our yoga lives. The very best wishes to his relocation and to his future endeavours, I hope our yoga paths might cross again one day, NAMASTE!

Keanne Stephenson